* Sets and Accessories *

A ton of CIPSA made plastic parts have been found, many still in the original packaging.
One major find of "new old store stock"includes multiples of 15 different accessories in fantastic condition.

Track Sets

Only two sets are known with original cars intact.

Rod Runner Circuit with a Ferrari 312P

Strip Action Set with a blue Ferrari 312P and button

Rod Runner Circuit with a blue Mantis

Pista Super Circuito Diabolico Set with P911 and Mustang Stocker

This set, dated 1978 is believed to be the last track set produced by CIPSA
Only a few P-911's and a few Mustang Stockers are known to exist.


A few years ago, a collector discovered a cache of "new old stock" accessories in Mexico.

Cache of NOS Accessories, found in Mexico

Storage Case

A number of these have survived in various conditions.

Dual Rod Runner

Single Rod Runner

180 Degree Curve Pack

90 Degree Curve Pack

Double Lap Counter


Elevated Crossing

Danger Crossing


A Hot Strip Pack

Joiner Pack

Parking Garage

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