Modelo : Odd Job

Diagnostic Characteristics:

The CIPSA Odd Job uses the standard 1973 Hong Kong casting. No casting differences are noted.
The zamac engine and base appear to lack the zinc plating and are duller than normal.
The plastic parts are similar to the HK version.
The wheels are the most noteworthy diagnostic feature of the CIPSA Odd Job.
They lack a red stripe and have a distinctively shape, unlike any standard Mattel made wheel.



The first Odd Job was seen at the HWNL Convention in 2003 or 2004. It was being shown around by a guy who found it at a flea market in southern California. I took photos of it but the only remaining picture I had was a snippet of the front wheel. Subsequently, about 6 more Odd Jobs have been found: three in light blue and three in red.

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