The Carbonator was a 2008 First Edition, featuring an internal jet engine.
It has been reissued several times since then including a 2013 Treasure Hunt (regular).

2008 First Edition #36 Carbonator

The rear spoiler doubles as a bottle opener!

The exhaust is designed to resemble a bottle cap

2013 Regular Treasure Hunt

Carbonator Prototype

This is an interesting prototype, one of two I have seen.

Carbonator Prototype Modifications

This one shows modifications to the rear end,
presumably to improve the performance of the bottle opener. The body was machined and a tab screwed into it
before it was spun up. The inner edges of the spoiler were trimmed to make it wider on the sided and flatter at the rear.

The Carbonator is the "designated" Happy New Year car.

2012 Happy New Year release

2013 Happy New Year release

2014 Happy New Year release