Jet Sweep X5

The Jet Sweep was designed by Larry Wood in 1983 and was released in 1985.
There are only a few variations: Silver, Yellow and Zamac.
None of the variation are particularly rare or valuable. I believe all of them have Ultrahot wheels.
Unfortunately, the casting has not been reissued since 1986.

Jet Sweep X5

The top of the Jet Sweep opens revealing an accurately detailed combustion turbine engine.

A prototype, blue glass, non production color, GHO wheels

An un-spun, raw zamac base

A prototype, Clearish glass, Raw Zamac, Ten Spoke wheels

Blank Base of the prototype

A few years ago, I acquired the plans for the Jet Sweep, an entire folder of historical records.

The original file folder from Industrial Design Affiliates

An assembly drawing

Larry's "B Sheet"