Casting : Classic Cord

Years of Production:
Country of Origin:
Casting Variations:

Light Green (Apple) Most Common
Magenta Common
Yellow Uncommon
Red Uncommon
Rose Uncommon
Blue HTF
Green HTF
Purple VHTF
Light Blue VHTF
Salmon Rare
Hot Pink Rare
Lime? Unconfirmed

Note: The paint on the Classic Cord exhibits significant variations and shading. Only the principle colors are listed. All "orange" Cords have been proven to be fraudulent.


The Hot Wheels casting is based on the 1937 Cord 812 which was originally conceived by Errett Lobban Cord (1894-1974).Cord teamed with auto designer Gordon Buehrig to create this American classic.

1937 Cord 812

Buehrig (1904-1990) was a distinguished automotive designer, having worked with with many automakers including Stutz, Duesenberg, Auburn and Ford. The Cord was manufactured by the Auburn Automobile Company with a production run of 1146 units.

The Classic Cord is a favorite among many collectors and commands a relatively high value for all casting colors. According to Jack Parker, a former Mattel design engineer, the Cord was selected specifically to "target" the collector market which has proven to be a successful strategy. Having been produced for only two years, the Cord is a relatively hard to find casting in any color.

Green Cord in Blister Pack

The Classic Cord featured a clear plastic windshield, black molded interior, and a removable black plastic roof. The hood of the Classic Cord is hinged and is operational. The Classic Cord came equipped with medium capped wheels in the front and large capped wheels in the rear. The Classic Cord was issued with a plastic collector’s button.

Salmon pink, Light and Dark Purple

Underside view of an original Classic Cord roof

Many of the detachable plastic parts which originally came with Hot Wheels have been reproduced, the black plastic roof of the Classic Cord being no exception. Original Classic Cord roofs have this Mattel part number on the underside of the roof 6472-0510. In addition, there is a second single digit number on the lower left underside of the roof. All original Classic Cord roofs have a characteristic “dimple” on the top, front, center, of the roof.

Base of Cord showing the proper flat head post spin

A survivor from the RLMarx “childhood” collection is this Classic Cord in purple

Yellow and Gold

Classic Cord Rainbow


A few prototypes of the Cord have survived, the most well known being the white enamel paint samples.

White Enamel Paint Sample

The Classic Cord was also manufactured in Mexico under license by Mattel at the Compania Industriale de Plasticos SA (CIPSA). The CIPSA versions are known to have been produced in mustard yellow enamel, metal flake red, blue, and green and with blue tinted glass, white interiors and a white plastic top. Refer to the CIPSA webpage for details on all CIPSA castings.

Mustard Yellow CIPSA Classic Cord



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