Neet Streeter (1976)

  The Neet Streeter, issued as one of the 1976 Flying Colors line, was very similar to the Classic '36 Ford Coupe that first appeared in the 1969 Hot Wheels catalog.  Gone was the rear opening rumble seat, and a plastic hood scoop graced the front of the car.  The top and rear of the car were highlighted by tampo consisting of red and white stripes, the Ford logo, and the words "Oldie But A Goodie".

The evolution of this casting is interesting and has been well documented by the existence of several resin prototypes and pre-production pieces.

Three hand-painted solid resin prototypes have been found, and all are slightly different.  The first of these (owned by J. Pownell) does not have a base.  The "tampo" is slightly different than that of the other two protos, and the hood scoop is the same as the body color.  Note that this is the tampo design that was ultimately used on the production version of the Neet Streeter.

Resin proto #1: note the hood scoop.

The second resin proto (owned by B. Rosas) has a better developed tampo paint scheme (also done by hand) and the hood scoop has been painted black.

Above and below: resin proto #2.

This second proto has a largely undeveloped base.

The base on resin proto #2.

The third resin prototype (owner unknown) has a well-developed tampo scheme, but an unpainted hood scoop.

A top view of resin proto #3.

It is believed that the die tool for the Classic '36 Coupe was sold (or otherwise disappeared) before the Neet Streeter was conceived.  Therefore, a new tool was needed.  The Neet Streeter body (owned by R. Nakamura) shown in the next few photographs has no casting numer and is painted in an odd color.  Thus, it may represent one of the first shots cast with the new tool.

Four pre-production Neet Streeters have been documented.  These cars represent a first attempt to begin to assemble the various components of the final product.

The first of these is an unpainted ZAMAC body (owned by J. Pownell).

Two other known pre-production Neet Streeters (owned by B. Rosas and D. Craven) feature early bases, white base coats, and plastic hood scoops that were attached using glue.  Both cars were assembled in the California plant (rather than in the HK factory), and were painted with the same shade of blue as the resin prototypes.

A front view of one of the two known painted pre-pro Neet Streeters (Courtesy of B. Rosas)

Note the roughness of the early base on painted pre-pro #1.

A good view of the glued-on hood scoop on painted pre-pro #2.

A view of the early base on painted pre-pro #2.

A fourth pre-production Neet Streeter has been found, also in unpainted ZAMAC (owned by B. Pascal).  This car features a small "hump" on the hood that was likely added to ensure a better fit for the black plastic hood scoop.  Since this feature is present on the production version of the Neet Streeter, this ZAMAC pre-pro car is likely later than the two painted cars above.

The second ZAMAC pre-production Neet Streeter.

The Neet Streeter was produced for 1976 and 1977 at the Hot Wheels factory in Hong Kong.  A chrome version was produced in 1977, and later issues were done with black wall tires.

Color chart

1976- Flying Colors:
light blue w/red, white & blue tampo ('76)
chrome w/red, white & blue tampo ('77) uncommon

Resin prototype (L) and pre-production (R) Neet Streeters! (Courtesy of B. Rosas)

Photo & info credits: David Craven


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