Rocket Bye Baby

The Rocket Bye Baby, designed by Bob Lovejoy, was first released in the 1971 product line
and remained in production through 1972. The casting was subsequenty modified fo use in the 1973 Shell promotion.

Rocket Bye Baby

The Rocket Bye Baby is characterized by the prominent rocket engine on the top.

It has a pointy nose and black plastic vents and tailpipes.

When the tailpipes are pulled, the vents open a little bit.

Paint Colors

The Rocket Bye Baby has been found in eight different colors.

Magenta - Rose - Red - Blue

Gold - Light Green - Aqua - Green

All eight known spectraflame colors

Approximate Color Distribution of Rocket Bye Baby's

Color Percentage Comments
Blue 30% Very Common
Aqua 30% Very common
Green 15% Hard to find
Gold 10% Debate rages gold vs yellow...
Light Green 5% Uncommon
Magenta 5% Uncommon
Red 3% Rare
Rose 2% Really Rare, only a few known

Magenta - Rose - Red

Interior Colors and Wheel Variations

All Rocket Bye Baby's have capped wheels, front and rear and blue tinted windshields.

Rocket Bye Baby's came with white and silvery interiors.
All eight colors have been found with both interior colors so the interior color
does not sustantially affect the value of the Rocket Bye Baby.

Casting Variations

There are no known casting variations among Rocket Bye Babys. All bases are labeled with Hong Kong as the country of origin.

Base of a Rocket Bye Baby


The pattern piece for the Rocket Bye Baby exists. It is in the hands of a private collector.
A single 1/64th scale prototype is known at this time, in red with a blank base.