The Turbine-4-2 was released in 1994 as #13 a series of 16 different castings for the McDonald's Happy Meal.
The casting is unique to that promotion and has not been seen since in any product line.

1994 Turbine-4-2

Equipped with Mc Donald's screecher wheels, this unique casting features a turbine engine, dual canopies and stabilizer wings.

Turbine-4-2 - Side View

The intake is at the front and the exhausts in the rear.

Exhaust Ports

The rear view shows the exhaust ports for the turbine of the Turbine-4-2


Base details of the Turbine-4-2

Packaging of the Turbine-4-2

The Turbine-4-2 came only in the baggie, never in blister pack.

Turbine-4-2 Resin Prototype

A resin prototype of the Turbine-4-2 has been preserved. It has less detail than the production piece.

Comparison of Front Details

The production version piece is a two piece body and a separate base.

Comparison of Rear Details

Comparison of Base Details