Casting : Classic '57 T-Bird

Years of Production:


Country of Origin:

US Only

Casting Variations:

Gas Tank Size

Interior and Glass:

Two different colored interiors.
* White
* Dark

Clear Glass

Paint Colors and Variations:

blue common
gold common
green common
lime common
red common
olive uncommon
hard to find
hard to find
light blue
hard to find
brown hard to find
very hard to find
copper very hard to find
hot pink

Other versions of same Casting:


The Classic '57 T-Bird, released in 1969 is one of the four new models of classic cars released as the "Classics" series.

Classic '57 T-Bird

The Hot Wheels rendition of the '57 T Bird is based on the Ford 1957 Thunderbird, Ford's answer to the Chevrolet Corvette. Introduced in
1955 as a two-seater "personal luxury car". The car came standard with a removable fiberglass top; a cloth convertible top was a popular
option. The '55 T-Bird featured a 292 c.i. V-8 engine. For 1957, the T-Bird was re-designed with a larger drop-down grille and front
bumper, more prominent tail fins, and large round tail lights. The spare tire, which had been externally mounted for '56, moved back inside
the trunk. Also, because Ford raced the T-Bird in '57, more powerful engine choices were available, including supercharged versions of the
312 c.i. V-8. More than 21,000 '57 T-Birds were sold. The '57 T-Bird was the last two-seater Ford would build until the '82 EXP.

Hot Wheels Classic '57 T-Bird in Yellow

The Hot Wheels rendition of the T Bird is an accurate replica of the actual car with customization limited
to the raised section behind the driver's seat, fog lights in the grille and the reshaped windshield.

Hot Wheels Classic '57 T-Bird V8 Engine

The hood of the T Bird opens to reveal a detailed engine compartment with a V8 engine.

Classic '57 T-Bird Bases

The base of the T Bird has two distinct variations, long and short gas tanks. The long version is the later standard production version.

Classic '57 T-Bird, Front and Rear

The only standard detail paint on the car is the orange/red paint on the tail lights.

Classic '57 T-Birds with White Interior

Aside from their colors, white and brown interiors also differ in that the catch piece that forms the center console is wider in white interiors whereas all brown
interiors have the narrow catch. However, at least two white interior T-Bird with a narrow console has been found, and they are both pre-production pieces.

Classic '57 T-Birds with Narrow Type White Interior

Classic '57 T-Bird, Blacked Out Grille

Some T Birds have been found with blacked out grilles but it is likely a preproduction feature as it has only been found on cars with other pre-production attributes.

Classic '57 T-Bird, Painted Detail on Hood Scoop and Headlights

'57 T Birds have been found with silver painted head lights and one with a black hood scoop
These may be simply details added by the original owner and not a rare production feature.

Hot Pink
Light Blue
Light Gold
Gold and Orange
Antifreeze Pair

Classic '57 T-Bird in Colors

Classic '57 T-Bird in Brown and Copper

Classic '57 T-Bird Blue Trio

Classic '57 T-Bird in Cheetah Blister

Some collectors believe that the Classic '57 T-Bird was one of the first castings of the 1969 line up to be produced as they have been found on the "Cheetah" blister pack
cards that were printed in late 1967. An early run car such as the rare creamy pink T-Bird with dark interior shown below would certainly be consistent with this theory.

Classic '57 T-Bird in Blister


Several examples of pre-production '57 T Birds exist. All three feature short gas tan and narrow catch white interiors.

Unpainted Classic '57 T Bird

Hand Painted Aqua Classic '57 T Bird,

This piece came from the infamous Room 1111 at the Irvine Convention

Hand Painted Gold Enamel Classic '57 T Bird


The '57 T-Bird was reproduced by Mattel in the "Redline Club" line. These are easily distinguished from original redlines but still confuse the newbys.

RLC Version of the '57 T-Bird

Credits: Text and photos by Jerry Schmitt, Rick Wilson and Ted Gray

Additional photos provided by the Redlines Online community


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