Casting : Crew Car

Years of Production:


Country of Origin:

Hong Kong Only

Casting Variations:

None known

Paint Colors and Variations:

White Only

Interior Colors:

Both black and white interiors of fairly equal distribution

Other Versions of Same Casting:

CIPSA Pit Crew Car


So ugly, it's cool. The Crew Car, or 'Pit Crew Car' as it's sometimes referred to (due to the stickers) was designed by Howard Rees.

The Crew Car

All domestic issues of the Crew Car were painted in white enamel and were produced in Hong Kong. The interior came in white or dark, both of which are fairly evenly distributed.
The Crew Car features a wraparound blue glass windshield and underneath it, a single seat, fork-style steering wheel
and a large array of instruments at the drivers disposal.

View of the tool kit in the trunk

When the rear hatch is lifted a tool case is displayed. It is unknown where the motor is on the Crew Car, but judging by
where the intake flutes and exhaust pipe-like slots on the base are, it is probably in the middle section of the car.
With such high edges on the front, it is uncommon to find a Crew Car without paint chips there.

Base of the Crew Car
The base lacks almost all detail, only having some kind of slots on the sides, headlights in the front and flutes in the rear.
All detail can be visible without turning the car over as the underside features only has the requisite copyright information.

It was packaged with a plastic button.

Credits: Reece Brennan and Ted Gray


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