Casting : Double Header

Years of Production:

1973 Only

Country of Origin:

Hong Kong

Casting Variations:

No casting variations known

Paint Colors and Variations:

Relative frequency:
Dark blue 20% Most Common, shading and both wheel types
Red 20% Common, shading and both wheel types
Light blue
20% Common, multiple shades, both wheel types
Dark yellow
10% Less common, no capped wheels
Dark green
10% Several shades, both wheel types
Lemon yellow
5% Uncommon, no capped wheels
Orange 5% Rare in good condition, no capped wheels
Very HTF, May have only come in baggie, no capped wheels
Light green
Rarest Color, May have only come in baggie, no capped wheels

Interior Colors:

Black Interior
Blue Tinted Glass


The Double Header, designed by Larry Wood, is one of three castings in the 1973 product line which were used only once, the other two being
the Sweet 16 and the Superfine Turbine. Since the Double Header was produced for only one year, it is one of the hardest to find castings.

Light Green Double Header

The Double Header is characterized by the two prominent twin jet engines on the sides and the big spoiler in the rear. There are no known
casting variations among Double Headers, which is likely a consequence of the brief span of production. All Double Headers have blue
tinted windshields and black interiors which extend across the deck along the top.

Rear details of the Double Header

Double Header Base

The base is characterized by the exquisite detail of the single intake and dual exhaust ports, a signature of a Larry Wood design.

Rear Wheel Variation

The rear wheels come in two variations, capped and through hole style. The capped wheel versions are found on only a few colors.

The Double Header has been found in nine different colors. However, many of the colors show a wide variance in shading.
Some Double Headers have a white base coat, sometimes found on other 1973 enamels.

Double Header Rainbow

Variety of Shades in Dark Blue

This photo illustrates the degree of different shades of "dark blue". The Double Header in the center has a white base coat.

Dark Blue
Light Blue

Double Header Blister Packs

Four colors of the Double Header have been found in blister pack.

Double Header in a Baggie Two Pack

Double Headers also have been found in baggie two-packs with the header card. These are quite rare and usually contain the harder colors.


The manufacturing history of the Double Header is represented by several surviving preproduction pieces.

Double Header Epoxy Approval Sample

This hand made epoxy Double Header came out of the Larry Wood Collection in 2018.
It is the handmade sample presented to Mattel management for approval to move forward to final production.

Bases of the Prototype and Production Version

Original Double Header Pantograph Shell / Pattern

This piece was discovered in August 2019. It had been in a former employee's garage for over 40 years.


Other Side of the Parts

Photo and info credits: Ted Gray


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