Casting: Mongoose Funny Car

Years of Production:


Country of Origin:

Hong Kong

Casting Variations:

None noted

Paint Colors and Variations:

Blue or Red Only
No Headlight or Tail Light detail

Interior Colors:

Black roll cage, no Prop
No Glass


Like the 1973 Snake Funny Car, the 1973 Mongoose Funny Car is derived from the 1972 Snake II casting.
The 1973 Mongoose and Snake castings are identical, both body and base. The only difference between them is the paint and the stickers.
For 1973, a number of cost saving changes were made to the casting, predominantly on the base.

Base Changes: 1970 Snake vs. 1971 Snake II vs. 1973 Snake/Mongoose vs. Top Eliminator

The diagnostic indicator of a true 1973 Funny Car is the oil pan. Only the 1973 casting has a complete oil pan on the bottom of the chassis.
For '73, the base was also modified to accommodate the changed to "through hole" style wheels, adding crush protectors in the rear and anti-rub "nibs" to the front and rear.

Engines: 1973 Funny Car vs. 1971 Snake II

The oil pan change is associated with the incorporation of the engine into the base casting, where as the Snake II engine is a separate part, requiring a post spin.
The body casting number embossed on the inside of the roof also changed from 6409 to 6969. However, a few Top Eliminator examples have been found with the 6969 body,
but no other funny car has the complete oil pan on the base.


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