Casting : Neet Streeter

Years of Production:

1976 - 1977

Country of Origin:

Hong Kong

Casting Variations:

No Known Variations

Paint Colors and Variations:

Enamel Light Blue

Tampo Variations:

Red, White and Blue "Ford Oldie but Goodie" on trunk - No Variations Known

Interior Colors:

No Glass

Other versions of same Casting:

1977 Super Chrome Neet Streeter


The Flying Colors version of the Neet Streeter is found only in the light blue color.
It was also issued in 1977 in the Super Chrome line. Both versions carried into the Blackwall era.

Neet Streeter vs. Classic '36 Ford Coupe

The Neet Streeter is very similar to and is possibly derived from the 1969 release of the Classic '36 Ford Coupe.
The rear rumble seat has been omitted, the black plastic hood scoop was added and the base was re-engineered.

Tricolor Ford Tampo Design

The top and rear were highlighted with red and white stripes, the Ford logo, and the slogan "Oldie But A Goodie", outlined in dark blue.

Neet Streeter Base

The Neet Streeter is unusual with its reference to Canada in the legal text on the base.

Redline and Blackwall Releases

Both the standard blue and the Super Chromes versions carried into the Blackwall era where even more variations were made.

Preproduction Pieces
A number of pre-production pieces have survived. Most of them resin approval models.

Resin Body with Unpainted Integral Hood Scoop
(Photo Courtesy of J. Pownell)

Resin Body with Integral Black Hood Scoop and Blank Base

This resin prototype has a slightly different hand painted tampo scheme and the hood scoop has been painted black.
(Photo Courtesy of Robert Rosas)

Unmarked Diecast Body

Some believe that the tooling for the Classic '36 Coupe was sold (or otherwise disappeared) before the Neet Streeter was conceived.
If so, this diecast body which has no casting number and is painted in an odd color may represent a "first shot" from a new tool.
(Photo Courtesy of Roy Nakamura)

Unpainted raw Zamac Prototypes
(Photos Courtesy of J. Pownell and B. Pascal)

Initially authored by David Craven. Revised by TN Gray.


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