Wisconsin Toy and Novelty Company

Proctor and Gamble Promo Models

Five models of existing Hot Wheels castings were selected for a detergent promotion, believed to be sponsored by Proctor and Gamble. Several of the castings were
"simplified" to reduce costs and all of them have a black plastic bases. It is believed that the cancellation occurred while the Buzz Off was still in production, resulting
in many fewer Buzz off's being made as compared to the other four models. The Buzz Off, with insufficient quantities to support a promotion, was distributed two ways:
some went to Japan and were sold in the red boxes and some small number of them were sold out of the Mattel factory store. The production year is believed to be 1975.

Wisconsin Toy and Novelties Packaging

The four models which had completed production went into storage for a few years until they were sold off as a "lot" to a third party distributor. The buyer of
the cars packaged the four models in small baggies with a header card and sold them in "dime" stores under the name of "Wisconsin Toy and Novelty Company".
All four of the castings were made in Hong Kong with black plastic bases and blue glass. There are no variations among the four models. The release year was 1980.

Dune Daddy

The Dune Daddy was derived from the 1975 Flying Colors Dune Daddy. The blue color was new to the casting but the tampo design was re-used albeit with color changes.

Swingin' Wing

The Swingin Wing was derived from the 1973 Shell Promo version, which had already deleted the wing. The body color and tampo design were both new to the casting.

Volkswagen Bug

The Volkswagen Bug was derived from the 1974 Flying Colors version and utilized the same body color and tampo design as the Flying Colors model.


The Warpath was derived from the 1975 Flying colors version. The red body color was new to the casting but the tampo design was re-used albeit with color changes.

Photos and Info by Ted Gray


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