Drivin' Gear

Drivin' Gear Set released in 1972

The Drivin' Gear is engineered to give you accurate driving control!

Drivin' Gear Set Up

The set up consists of a control box and a small black drive unit.
The two are connected with a mechanical cable housed in a plastic sheath.

Control Unit

The shift lever has three forward speeds and reverse. The steering wheel steers the car.
The control box is powered by two D cell flashlight batteries.

Drive Unit

Like a bicycle shift cable, the braided control cable can move in and out, inside the sheath, controlling the steering.
The cable also spins within the sheath, controlling the speed.
The red thing and the other wire appear to help the stabilize the drive cable when moving.

Drive Unit, Exterior

The small rubber wheel spins to move the drive unit and pivots within the drive unit to change direction.

Drive Unit, Interior

The axle of the rubber drive wheel is connected to the braided cable and when the cable spins, it rotates the wheel
providing the drive force. The pivoting action is controlled by extending or retracting the braided cable.
The drive unit has two guide slots, shaped like half circles, to align and retain the "wheel mount" into the drive unit.

Drivin Gear Blister Pack

In 1972, some Hot Wheels came in "Drivin' Gear" blister packs that included a "wheel mount".
The wheel mount is visible at the right side of the bubble.

Wheel Mount

The "wheel mount" is a thin plastic sheet with adhesive foam on one side to stick to the base of the car.
Once stuck to the car, the drive unit slides onto the wheel mount and snaps in place.
The mount is notched on one corner to provide clearance for the drive wheel when the drive unit is slid onto the mount.

Drive Unit, Side View

The drive unit is flat to fit under the car and slides onto the wheel mount.

Drive Unit attached to the car

Ready to drive away!

Rear panel of the box

Paperwork supplied with the Drivin' Gear

Credits: Ted Gray and Kevin Armstrong


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