Red Baron

Years of Production:

1970 - 1972

Country of Origin:

Hong Kong

Casting Variations:

None Noted

Paint Colors and Variations:

Spectraflame Red

Interior Colors:


Other versions of same Casting:

* 1973 Red Baron *
* 1974 Red Baron *


The Red Baron is derived from the 1970 Red Baron Tom Daniels designed plastic model, one of six Tom Daniels designs in the Hot Wheels line.

Tom Daniels Red Baron Model Kit and the Real Show Car

The Red Baron model kit was released in January 1968, eventually selling more than two million units. In 1969, car show guru Bob Larivee worked together with
Monogram to have Chuck Miller of Styline Customs build a full-size Red Baron, at a cost of $10,000. The original model car featured a 1914 Mercedes Benz inline
6-cylinder engine used in the Fokker airplane. Not having easy access to such an esoteric German aircraft engine, Miller employed the new and exotic looking for
the time 1968 Pontiac overhead cam 6-cylinder engine.The Red Baron car was instantly popular with the public, won The Oakland Roadster Sweepstakes in 1969, and
toured the country as part of Larivee's traveling Autorama car show series until the 1990s when it was retired from service.

Red Baron

The Hot Wheels rendition of the Red Baron is truer to the model kit version than the show car, featuring the six cylinder German style engine. The Red Baron is
one of the most common redline Hot Wheels car. First released in 1970, it was retooled and re-issued twice later in the redline era. The casting survived well
into the blackwall era, however, the 1970 version is clearly identified by the sharp point on the top of the helmet and capped wheels.

Front and Rear of the 1970 Red Baron

1970 Base

The base of the 1970 version differs from later versions, lacking any "crush protectors" at the wheels.

1970 Red Baron in Orignal Blister Pack

The Red Baron came with a plastic or metal button. The "cross" sticker on the helmet was omitted on all subsequent redline version.

2009 Tom Daniels Autograph Sheet

Mattel owned Monogram Model Kits at the time. Capitalizing off of the connection six of Tom's designs were made into Hot Wheels cars.


A small number of prototypes are known, all with white interior. However, they are also known to have been
"faked" using reproduction interiors. Any prototype should only be purchased from a reputable source.

Genuine Red Baron White Interior Prototype


In 1993 and 1994, Mattel reproduced 16 redline era castings, all made in China. They were sold in two lines: "25th Anniversary" and
"Vintage Series". Unfortunately for redline collectors, Mattel opted to print the original copyright date on the base of these
reproductions which has only caused confusion among the newer collectors and a source of great annoyance among seasoned collectors.

1993 Reproduction Red Baron

The reproduction of the Classic Nomad was released in the "Vintage Series" but there are many simple ways to differentiate the reproduction from the original.

Five obvious identifying characteristics for the reproduction are:
* Its NOT red!
* Hot Wheels logo tampoed on the rear fender
* Through Hole reproduction redline wheels
* Made in China on the base
* "Vintage Series" logo on the base


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