Casting : Rocket Bye Baby

Years of Production:


Country of Origin:

Hong Kong Only

Casting Variations:

None Noted

Paint Colors and Variations:

Color Percentage Comments
Blue 30% Very Common
Aqua 30% Very common
Green 15% Hard to find
Gold 10% Debate rages gold vs yellow...
Light Green 5% Uncommon
Magenta 5% Uncommon
Red 3% Rare
Rose 2% Really Rare, only a few known

Interior Colors:

Black or Silver Interior
Blue Glass

Other Versions of Same Casting:

1973 Rocket Bye Baby


The Rocket Bye Baby is a pure concept car designed by Bob Lovejoy.

1971 Rocket Bye Baby

The Rocket Bye Baby is characterized by the prominent ramjet engine on the top.

Front and Rear Views of the Rocket Bye Baby

It has a pointy nose and black plastic vents and tailpipes.

Rocket Bye Baby Vents

When the tailpipes are pulled, the vents open a little bit.

Rocket Bye Baby Interiors

All of the known colors can be found with both white and silverish colored interiors.

Rocket Bye Baby Colors

The 1971 Rocket Bye Baby is found in eight Spectraflame colors. Enamel colors are Shell Promos from 1973.

Magenta - Rose - Red

These colors are generally hard to find.


A number of preproduction samples of the Rocket Bye Baby have survived from the early days of Hot Wheels production.

"4 Up" Pantograph Patterns

Two pantograph patterns or "shells" have survived. The roughed out wooden one is visible in this group photo.
The fully detailed resin and wood one is not shown.

Epoxy Approval Sample

This is the actual hand made model that would have been shown to Elliot Handler for authorization to proceed with full production.
This type of model was also commonly used at the New York Toy Fair to illustrate the next years' product line.

"Blank Base Final Engineering Pilot

This is one of two Final Engineering Pilots that do not yet have the text inscribed on the base.


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