Casting : Swingin' Wing (Shell)

Years of Production:


Country of Origin:

Hong Kong

Casting Variations:

None Known

Paint Colors and Variations:

Dark Blue Common
Light Blue Common
Red Common
Shell Metal Flake Green Uncommon
Yellow Uncommon
Pink Uncommon

Interior Colors:

Black with blue tinted glass

Other Versions of Same Casting:

1970 Swingin' Wing


Based on the 1970 car, Mattel reissued the Swingin' Wing in 1973 as part of a special promotion for the Shell Oil Company.
Oddly, although the car lost its wing, the name stayed the same. As with other Shell promos, the Swingin' Wing underwent changes to reduce the cost.
The '73 issue differs from the original casting in that the wing and moveable rear engine both were omitted.
In place of the wing, a twin set of louvers are depicted on the body of the car. In addition, the exhaust pipes were shortened,
spaced closer together and were integrated with the base. Minor changes were made to the base to accommodate the wheel change.

1973 Swingin' Wing Casting Changes

1) Wing removed and holes covered with "vent louvers" cast into the body.
2) Slide-Out motor piece removed.
3) Tail pipes moved to the base.

1973 Swingin' Wing Base Changes

1) Exhaust pipes integral to base.
2) Humps added to rear wheel area to prevent squishing when stepped on.
3) Nubs that keep the wheel spacing altered.

A Rainbow of '73 Swingin' Wings

Swingin' Wing Preproduction Examples

Plastic Base Prototype

The body is die cast but the is plastic. The plastic has been chromed but the wheels have no red stripes.
One speculative idea is that the casting was considered for a "promo" such as the cars that ended up in the "Wisconsin Toy Company".
This seems reasonable as the wheels, front and rear are redline "thru holes" which were used on the WTC cars
The lack of redlines is probably due to the availability of wheels in the model shop.
Similar examples have been found for the Superfine Turbine and the Twinmill, all in the red color.

Base of the Plastic Base Prototype


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