Casting : Mustang Stocker

Years of Production:


Country of Origin:

Hong Kong

Casting Variations:

No casting variations are known

Paint Colors and Variations:

Standard Issue: Yellow with 450 HP Stripes in Red and Magenta
Tampo Variation: Yellow with 450 HP Stripes in Red and Blue
Alternate Color : White with 450 HP Stripes in Red and Blue

Interior Colors:

Both the windshield glass and interior are green tinted clear plastic

Other versions of same Casting:

1977 Super Chromes Mustang Stocker


The Mustang Stocker, released in 1975 as part of the Flying Colors series, was a retooled version of the 1970 Boss Hoss casting.
After the close of the redline era in 1977, the casting has enjoyed numerous re-issues in many international and domestic versions.
Only the Flying Colors and Super Chromes versions are true redlines.

The 1975 Mustang Stocker (left), and its predecessor, the 1971 Boss Hoss (right).

The body of the car was retooled to restore the hood and remove the blown engine. The base was also retooled to
accommodate the newname and the newer "through hole" style wheels.

The 1969 Ford Mustang

Both the Mustang Stocker and its precursor, the Boss Hoss castings were based upon the 1969-1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 fastback.

The 3 variations of the 1975 Mustang Stocker

Three versions were issued in 1975, two with yellow body paint, and a rare alternate color white Stocker with blue and
white tampo. All three of these models are hard to find in mint condition with no paint chips, and the white Mustang Stocker
is recognized asone of the most difficult to find among the alternate color cars.

Super Chromes Mustang Stockers

With the introduction of the Super Chromes series in 1976, the Mustang Stocker was again released with the same orange and
magenta tampo it originally sported in 1975 Flying Colors version. In 1977, the car was released as part of the Loco-Motion
track set with a new patriotic Red, White and Blue Stars tampo design. The later 1977 release of the Loco-Motion track set
was supplied with a basic wheel variation of the same car.

The Loco Motion set car variation has also been found in single blister packs.

Color chart

Year released:
Yellow w/orange & magenta tampo
Yellow w/blue & red tampo
black 1975 hard to find
White w/blue & red tampo
redlines black 1975 rare
Chrome w/orange & magenta tampo redlines black 1976
Chrome w/red, white & blue tampo
redlines black 1977

Three different redline era Mustang Stocker Prototypes

A prototype Super Chromes Mustang Stocker with red and blue stripe tampo (Courtesy of B. Pascal)

Loco Motion version of the Super Chromes Stocker with blackwalls

After 1977, the Mustang Stocker found its way into many international lines as well as the domestic basic wheel line.

CIPSA Mustang Stocker

The Mustang Stocker was also produced by CIPSA as a track set car in the "Circuito Diabolico" set.
Although contemporary with the redline era, the CIPSA version did not have red striped wheels.

The "GT350" version of the Mustang Stocker

In 1980's, the Mustang Stocker was again re-tooled and re-released. The non-opening hood was flattened to remove the
power bulge, and the car was issued in white with blackwall tires, blue racing stripes, and a GT 350 tampo on the side
rocker panel, resembling a Carroll Shelby Mustang.

Speed Machines Blister Pack

Another color scheme for this casting was released in the US in 1983 as part of the Speed Machines series. This time the car was
released in black with yellow racing stripes, blackwall tires, and a plastic base. With the exception of varieties that were released
in Mexico and France in 1984, the casting has since not been revived.

Aurimat Mustang Stocker blister pack

Made in Mexico under license by Aurimat.

French Issue Mustang Stocker

French Mustang Stocker in yellow

French Mustang Stocker blister pack

French issue: the "upright" blister pack configuration

Photos and info credits: Gary Nabors with additional photos provided by Mike Panagopoulos and others.


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